Where can i find migeran-android-lib.jar?


I’m trying to follow this guide for logging on Multi-OS Engine:


I want to use android logging as I want to convert my existing android app to iOS app using Multi-OS Engine.
The problem is I can’t find the migeran-android-lib.jar file.
The tutorial said that the jar file included in the sample code.
I have download the sample code, but there are no jar file anywhere except log4j-1.2.17.jar.

Did anyone know where I can download the migeran-android-lib.jar file?
I have trying to search it on search engine with no luck,
maybe I’m overlook something somewhere?

I know I can use the other method, but this is converting existing code, I didn’t want to do too much work on changing every android log code to other library, unless it was the last choice I have.

I’m sorry if my question is to basic, since I’m new to Multi-OS Engine.

Thanks in Advance

Dear sidhiartha,

Those guides are deprecated and mostly incorrect now. There are no additional imports if you want to use android.util.Log, we provide it out of the box.

Best Regards,

Hi Kristóf,
Thanks for the reply,

I’ll try that.

Best Regards,
Sidhi Artha