Where to find MOE freelancers


Can anyone recommend a site, If I want to find a MOE freelancer for a project

Migeran offers remote support plans, is that an option?

What is your location? Is remote working possible? We currently have no time, but maybe some users of this forum do have time :-).


Remote work would be fully acceptable, but unfortunately as you say yourself you are all booked, and in general the team behind Migeran seems very busy, so I was hoping to find a part-time freelancer for a long-term cooperation

What kind of project do you have in mind? Me and my company have a few MOE app published, we are kinda busy for the next month but we may be able to help you.

Hey, we offer services for cross platform app development with Java.


We are working with MOE and RoboVM. If you’re out of luck with Migeran, just let us know. Just send me an e-mail with a short description of your plans and we can have a chat.


Hi, Daniel! Is there any particular scenario in your day to day job where RoboVM is more suitable then MOE? Asking for learning purposes. Thanks in advance!

Hey Dmitry,

from my point of view, there are some problems with MOE that remain unresolved at least for an app that we are producing. You may investigate RAM usage and build size as discussed by me and others in earlier forum posts:

Best wishes,

Did you ever consider using MOE bindings with RoboVM to fix that issues? (the reason why is to have automatically generated bindings from one side and more lightweight RoboVM runtime from another). Or it is not technically possible?