Will Flutter give permanent solution?

Hi everyone,currently started working on flutter sdk ,will this solve our problem permanently?

Well that depends. The major reason our company uses multi-os engin is it can run pre-existing jar libraries (which are used on both mobile applications and servers) on ios so we don’t need to matain two separate libraries with the same features in different languages. In this case nothing can replace MOE IMO.


to me, it is not a real native to iOS. flutter, you can consider it just another Swing app. It draw their own control. Not real native. That is why it can run on both platforms without changing anything on the GUI side. I preferred MOE after studied Flutter. One of my choice before.

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That’s the point.
First I also had a backend written in python.

Now that I know MOE, I can write my whole infrastructure in pure java. I switched back to java on backend-side too, now knowing that I’m able to maintain everything in java :slight_smile:

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@Noisyfox Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

@ivanooi Nice to hear his update ;-),Thank you.