Can someone please provide example code or a tutorial on how to get started with building a cross platform app on MOE?

I have been trying to figure this out for 2 months now and its extremely frustrating. I am literally 90% done with the back end for my code, i just have no idea how to load it into an app.

I have been trying to follow this article and am getting errors on practically every step.

Would really appreciate help with this.

The article shouldn’t be that outdated I think. What kind of errors do you get?
Are you on a mac or windows?

You can also find a up to date example app here: moe-samples-java/Calculator at moe-master · multi-os-engine/moe-samples-java · GitHub

There is also a discord server for help:

That being said, for helping here I would need to have any starting point on what the issue is.