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(Eugene) #1

Does anyone have an example how to call org.moe.binding.crashlytics.c.Crashlytics.CLSLog(@Mapped(value=ObjCStringMapper.class) String format, Object… varargs) and its variants CLSNSLog and CLSLogv methods from Java? Anything I’ve tried in varargs param caused app crash. So, I could not get any logging to work.

Tried to ask it in crashlytics topic without any luck. Trying it as a separate topic now.

(Gergely Kis - Migeran) #2

Hi Eugene,

thanks for the report. I saw your previous message in that topic, but somehow I thought it was already answered. :slight_smile:
Maybe we should close old topics, so we encourage the creation of new ones?

Variadic functions are supported, hence the @Variadic annotation. Could you provide us with a simple test project exhibiting the problem? Which version of MOE and the Crashlytics bindings are you running, and on which version of iOS?


(Eugene) #3

Thank you Gergely. I will make a test project in a few days.
Though not sure if it has anything to do with @Variadic. I think it is my lack of understanding of iOS string templating used by Crashlytics there and/or type of params in varargs (I tried both String and Mastering).

(Van Van) #4

Hi @ekuleshov,
Did you resolve this yet? We’re now facing the same this issue.

Really hope you can help us.
Thank you so much!

(Eugene) #5

I haven’t got time to create a sample project for Gergely as he requested above.