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Future of Multi-OS Project

(Mira Stinktshir) #1

I wonder whats next the long awaited update or the announcement that MOE wont be continued?

(Guilherme Campos Hazan) #2

There’s already a thread about this here:


(Mira Stinktshir) #3


(Ivan) #4


I believe they are busy with their company project at the moment…

(Christian Ringshofer (Das Weiße Lama)) #5

it might be awesome if this project could be completely open source, so that every motivated user here could contribute to the project (to be honest). Not very cool not knowing about the future of MOE… :frowning:

(Ivan) #6

it is open source …:sweat_smile:

(Christian Ringshofer (Das Weiße Lama)) #7

forget what I’ve said :smiley: But it’d be great to see someone else doing the project management, since migeran is not very communicative…