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(Steve) #1

Hello Moderators, could you please clarify whether MOE is still in development? I have heard rumors that it is not and that there may not be any future releases. I noticed that the “Features” page on the MOE website indicates that support for Linux as a development OS is coming soon. Is that still the plan? I guess what I am asking is should I bother waiting around for that or should I just try to find a windows or mac computer instead for development using MOE?
Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


(Gergely Kis - Migeran) #2


yes, definitely.

We are in the process of releasing a big project for one of our clients (it is very interesting for developers, although not directly MOE related). After this release is done in the next couple days, we will be able to make a long overdue update to MOE with iOS 12 support, and set up a schedule of the upcoming releases.

Best Regards,



Can you keep us up to date with the new release possibility? We’re very hopeful the release will come soon.

If you could just give the community a quick update, it would be very helpful.

We appreciate all the work you put into MOE!