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Java cross-platform dev approach with Multi-OS Engine



I want to thank Multi-OS Engine team for such a great job. I found Multi-OS Engine through Matthew Bartos great post: Write iOS apps in Java along with Android. Since then, I decided to get closer to Java and its cross-platform capabilities, now reinforced with Multi-OS Engine. For that, I have written a post called Java Clean Way oriented to clean architecture and cross-platform using reactive programming.


(Levino Moises) #2

Your article is really interesting, Martín! Bartons post about MOE was also my entry point to this environment. He published his experience with MOE after a year of development, so this might be useful for you or other people.


Thanks! During the development I have noted that there is a very reduced amount of third party libraries which support Multi-OS Engine and help the community to grow. Since I couldn’t find any caching framework that worked with MOE I am about to write one. Hope we all join and develop awesome tools to make MOE the ideal choice. The more time I spend with it, the more I convince myself to adopt it.

(Marc André Appel) #4

A big shoutout to @matis11 for his Medium article :wink: