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Jcenter() repository is going away

@Noisyfox @kisg JFrog just announced that they’ll be shutting down JCenter https://jfrog.com/blog/into-the-sunset-bintray-jcenter-gocenter-and-chartcenter/

Key dates are:

  • February 28th: No more submissions will be accepted to Bintray, JCenter
  • May 1st: Bintray, JCenter services will no longer be available

So, the moe artifacts should also be migrated to another maven repository. Perhaps the Maven central. That is for maven/gradle plugins and the engine runtime, and maybe the old versions too. Otherwise old artifacts won’t be available after May 1st.

This blog post has a good overview.

Thank you for the report, we are already in contact with @Noisyfox to solve this issue.

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