Launch Android Studio from Eclipse for GUI design?


Is there anyway to launch Android Studio from Eclipse for GUI design like Eclipse launch xcode for iOS ?


Hi Ivan,

we don’t have a menu item for that. I assume that you have a multiplatform project, targeting iOS and Android, and you are using Eclipse as your main IDE, but you would like to use Android Studio’s UI designer for the Android module.

In this case you should be able to import your project into Android Studio at the same time (we have not tried to do this ourselves, but theoretically it should work) - and use it only for UI Design. Please let us know if this solution is working out for you.

However, Google officially shut down the development of its Android Eclipse plugins, so unless a strong community forms to continue its development, it will degrade quickly to the point when it is not usable anymore.

Best Regards,

Yes, that is the point. Google dropped the support of ADT. How nice if MOE can do that like xcode

Thanks for your suggestion, I will give it a try