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MOE 2.0 | I'm not an expert... but maybe together we are?

(Christian Ringshofer (Das Weiße Lama)) #21

Would be great to just be more active in this forum. That would be the first step into building trust to your users. Telling them once a year that there will be a future without going into at least some details might not be enough at all. Being online once a year and then silence again isn’t a good way to keep products (which moe obviously is) alive. Makes me kind of sad. :frowning:

(Gergely Kis - Migeran) #22

I am working on the blog post with updates, will be up later today. Sorry for the delay.

(Gergely Kis - Migeran) #23

New blog update is out: https://multi-os-engine.org/blog/2019-09-11-reviving-moe/

Now back to hacking. :slight_smile:

(Philippe Riand) #24

Thanks @kisg - For the Sept 2019 release, could you please also release an update Eclipse plugin as well? I bet this is mostly an issue with dependency versioning, as it does not install on the latest build (Eclipse dependency issue). Moreover, would be great to have the SDK bundled within a maven package, and the java libraries being maven dependencies, that will avoid issues like ‘MOE Home not found’.

(Gergely Kis - Migeran) #25

Hi Phil,

I am not sure we can fit the Eclipse update in the September release. To be honest, we haven’t been using Eclipse that much lately - the last one was an internal project called “Migeran Code” where we fixed the Java support of VS Code to work with any Gradle or Maven project, even Android and MOE ones.

We can certainly add these issues to the backlog (I just created the 2 issues on GH), and see if we can fit this into the October version. But I am trying very hard to not make any promises that I am not sure I can keep.

Best Regards,

(Philippe Riand) #26

Thanks Gergely, and I understand that Eclipse is not the focus these days. We don’t need the full eclipse plugin to work, but a way to get the MOE libraries available as maven dependencies, so we can compile our java projects using any MOE dependencies.