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"One year later" - our experiences with Multi-OS Engine

(Mateusz Bartos) #1

Hi everyone :smiley:

For the past few months, I was completely consumed by ongoing projects but I’m slowly catching up.
I wrote a little “One year later” article about our experiences with Multi-OS Engine and I would be grateful for your feedback!

(Eugene) #2

Good article. Though could use some samples on how you structured ur model, presenters and views and how you used rxjava and unittested all that… and link to the apps you building. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Leejjon) #3

Nice. My dice game also still works fine (zero warnings when opening the project in XCode, although a few deprecation warnings of certain Objective C bindings in the Java side). Too bad Apple decided to fuck me over and doesn’t allow me to update my app anymore because they consider it gambling. But yeah that’s another story. I guess I’ll change it into a PWA and offer it that way on iOS devices.

The only question I have is wasn’t it a problem that most samples are in Swift nowadays? I have no objective c knowledge so it was sometimes hard to find how to do something when I find a swift sample and then having to try and translate it into objective c and try to achieve the same in Java using MOE.

(Thomas Gallinari) #4

Very interesting Mateusz, I have the exact same architecture than you. I wish you explain some issues you may have encountered to see if they are common, and how you dealt with them :wink: Anyway, interesting to read your feedback :slight_smile: