Problem with iOS simulator

I have a problem with the configuration of the iOS simulator. When I try to set it, the radio button is always inactive and I am asked to write in the Remote Build tab some unknown data: a remote host value, Port, (…), Keychain pass, Keychain locktimeout and Gradle repositories, otherwise I can’t continue creating the Simulator. How do I solve the problem? Thanks.

Are you running on Windows? The iOS simulator is only available on Mac.

If you are on a Mac, then please share the details of your configuration (Android Studio version, OSX and Xcode version, Java version), and a screenshot where you see the Simulator option greyed out.

Sorry, Gergely, I am running on Windows. I thought it was also possible to run the MOE on Windows because in “Multi-OS Engine Documentation” it is said: You can run the app created with Multi-OS Engine on the simulator or a real device. To do this, create a run/debug configuration specific to the platform to run on. I interpreted this as a possibility to do so. That means that I can only prove the app on a PC, Tablet or iPhone Mac, is that true? Thanks.

If you are on Windows, you need to use a real device and you need a Mac accessible by SSH to run the remote build. When the build is completed, the app is copied back to the Windows machine, and uploaded to a connected device (iPad or iPhone).

Thanks a lot. You are very kind.