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Xcode 10 and ios 12

(Eugene) #1

Hi there, I couldn’t find previous references of successful use of Xcode 10 and iOS 12 simulator with MOE.

Does anyone has experience using MOE with Xcode 10 and iOS 12?

(Andrea Paci) #2

I used it and for what I’ve done, I haven’t find any particular issue

(Eugene) #3

Thanks for replying. Was that fro libgdx or raw Java+iOS API? Have you updated from Xcode 9 or started on 10?

(Andrea Paci) #4

From libgdx, and updated from xcode9


Hi guys, I’m facing to a strange situation that I can’t run the project because the Run button is disabled as figure below
Is there anybody facing this problem and how to solve this? I’ve tried to restart Android Studio by select Invalidate Caches/ Restart from File menu, I’ve rebuilt all whole project but nothing happen.
I’m using these softwares:

  1. Android Studio 3.2.1
  2. Xcode 10
  3. MacOS 10.14.1
    Thanks in advance!

(Andrea Paci) #6

Might be a “run configuration” problem, try to check that out. I had the same problem with the game I published and it was a configuration problem